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True change comes from within

Cultivate your organization's health through our exclusive FOUNDATION OF NETWORK LEADERSHIP online course dedicated to championing future-oriented Network Leadership and NETWORK LEADERSHIP MENTORING to enable leaders to successfully navigate the constant disruptions which are characteristic of our time.

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An exclusive online course on the emerging world of NETWORK LEADERSHIP and its benefits to your leadership practice

A hidden dimension of successful leadership is emerging: Navigating networks throughout an organization.

Leaders have always used networks to get things accomplished. Be that as it may, the emerging insight is that networks provide the FUNDAMENTAL LENS to better understand what is genuinely happening inside of our organizations. And knowledge is power. 

To navigate this unchartered territory, leaders require both new tools and perspectives.


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An understanding of network structures and roles is key for Network Leaders

The emerging new terrain of the VUCA world requires an understanding of networks and the importance of the nature of networks in today's business world.  This new dimension of Network Leadership enables leaders to successfully navigate the constant disruptions which are characteristic of our time.

Mentoring Network Leadership is a practice which combines the wisdom of coaching with the transfer of insight.  It consist of a series of 4 one-on-one virtual mentoring sessions. This support and learning experience enables leaders to feel secure and grounded in a constantly changing business environment.

It promotes a leader's ability to recognize the unexpected possibilities which this new dimension of networks opens up for them  - both personally and for their organization.

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Enabling Healthy Organizations

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