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Enabling Healthy Organizations

Ensemble Enabler  True Change comes from within

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Cultivating the spirit of a healthy organization

True change comes from within





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Healthy organisms adapt to their environment through learning.  When we stop learning, we cease to adapt.  The natural curiosity with which we are all born is noticeable throughout a healthy organization -  from the CEO to the shop floor worker.

A healthy organization encourages this sense of curiosity in order to enable it to adapt to the ever-accelerating rate of change.  

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Leaders focus on the flow of energy and information throughout their organizations which are a key determinant of a company’s overall organizational health. This energy in organizations is embodied in the motivation, enthusiasm and engagement of its employees, as well as in its customers, suppliers, and owners.  Any blockages can diminish the health of an organization.

Leaders in a healthy organization focus on the capacity to cultivate networks.

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Biologists acknowledge that symbiosis -  in other words collaboration - is the most powerful force in evolution.  Living organisms evolve by pooling their capacities. Just like in the business world. As complexity increases, there is an emerging need to bring multiple perspectives together in order to scrutinize the issues that matter to an organization. 

A healthy organization promotes fluid collaboration both internally and with related business ecosystems outside of the organization.

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The ultimate measure of the health of an organization is trust.  The higher the level of trust throughout an organization, the healthier it is.  This higher level of trust can only be attained when a general feeling prevails throughout the organization that when key decisions are made, the interests of all members involved are considered.

A healthy organization nurtures trust by providing platforms which enable the voices of employees and other stakeholders to be heard.

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